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15 Exciting Eye Catchy Wedding Decoration Themes For 2021

We've officially entered 2021 guys, and this year, we are sure weddings are going to be bigger. The decoration is the most important factor of the wedding venue that sets the mood and theme of the wedding. From floral installations to lighting, and stage setup to the mandap decor, read on to know more about the latest trends and unique decoration ideas for your upcoming wedding. Getting married is no piece of cake, and if you're reading this blog, chances are that you're looking for perfect wedding decoration themes. Here at Amour, we are committed to dispelling any worries that you may have about your big dream day! An idyllic location for a perfect wedding, narrating luxury in the efflorescent boroughs of Gurgaon, welcomes a whole new echelon of hospitality etched with eclat finesse, tranquil landscapes, and serene reservoirs. Decorations in Indian weddings have surpassed the typical standards of simple hanging or crunched up drapes and conventional floral arrangements a long time ago. With constant newness picking up and creative minds of wedding decorators curating unique, fresh, and new trends, Indian wedding decorations have evolved multiple folds over the years. And quite amazingly, now there's no looking or going back! From mapping up even the smallest of elements of the decoration to centring it around a set theme entirely, simple Indian wedding decor ideas have undoubtedly been taken a notch higher! One common & particular aspect of wedding decoration that's certainly been fashioned over the years to stand out amongst the rest is the wedding stage. What started off as setting a sofa against a floral backdrop on a carpeted stage (typically a red one) has now bloomed up to be one of the fanciest highlights of wedding decoration! From surreal and minimal quaint ones to enormous princely ones, the vast spectrum of wedding stage decor has a lot to offer and we're all spoilt for choices. If like us, you too have a thing for these exquisite and fancy wedding stages and would love to incorporate them at your wedding, you've landed in the right place. With this blog, we've compiled our favourite and top 15 wedding decor ideas for you to take cues for your wedding decoration. Right from the latest wedding decorations to mesmerizing all time classic theme wedding decoration ideas with phenomenal decor elements, we've got it all covered. Jump right into this and start bookmarking your favourite ones.

These are the Best Wedding Decoration Ideas for Your Wedding: -

1)A sparkling setting with multiple-hued florals


A semi-spherical and extensively decked up stage setting with red flowers, this stage decor is a charmer. Adding the perfect royal touch to the stage backdrop is the upbeat candle holders.

2)White and gold for those luxurious feels


The classic combination of white and light pink with hints of gold is the best way to ace a lavish decor. With big vintage flower vases, pink & olive drapes against a white backdrop, this stage looks so royal.

3)A perfect rustic setting in hues of white and green


A unique themed stage with planters and varied candle holders with white flowers and greens makes up for such a classic theme wedding decoration. Perfect lighting and a simplistic white sofa are just the right additions to the entire set.

4)A shimmery and starry stage straight out of a fairy-tale


With shimmery golden strings, oversized handcrafted flowers, and silver and white hanging adornments, the whimsical aura of this stage is unparalleled, nothing else is needed for this magical and classic theme wedding stage decoration.

5)An all-floral chariot style decoration


This chariot style stage heavily decked up with varied white blooms and fabulous lighting is everything magical and beyond words.

6)A breath taking & mind-blowing stage decor


The extravagance of this heavily floral stage in hues of pinks and peaches with drapes, a huge chandelier, and scalloped highlights is par excellence. With a plethora of florals and a minimalistic seating arrangement, this stage decor is exactly what dreams are made of.

7)A quaint yet classic sangeet stage decor


With gorgeous blue and yellow lighting all around, this simple Indian wedding decoration is perfect to put anyone in the party feels.

8)A simple wedding stage decoration idea


With an all red and floral backdrop, white chairs with candles all around, this entire setup is perfect for the couple who loves all things subtle.

9)A simple yet classy stage setup with shimmery elements


With a cascading ceiling, backdrop with shimmery designs and light decked up walls with stage seating, this stage is curated to perfection.

10)A heavenly lit and dazzling decoration idea


This decor is a classic example of simple wedding decoration amped up with the play of lights. Done in purple drapes and huge bunched florals, the entire setup is livened up with lights in different hues to add a subtle dash of colours.

11)A colourful and enchanting rustic stage for merry vibes


With a decked-up dome in multi-hued florals, white chairs set against the backdrop, this white stage is undoubtedly a sight to behold. With heavily floral branched trees on all the sides, the expanse of this stage can't be put into words.

12)Shimmer and shine theme for a glamorous cocktail night


Done in delicate shimmery adornments, crystal, and beaded strings, and lights, the magical and glam aura of this bespoke theme has struck a chord with our hearts. Leaving little to our imagination, the subtle yet exquisite class of this decoration is beyond words.

13)All things sparkling and gold


The aura and light of this decor is unbeatable and worth every penny. With seating arrangement all around, this decoration theme is a sight to behold. We can only wonder how dreamy it would have looked in reality.

14)A minimalistic rustic stage decor in hues of White & Blue


The gorgeous side-swept against the white wall, simple white chairs, and blue table, this entire stage decoration is so artistically rich. Opting for a white, gold stage is one of the best ways to add the sweetness of white in your wedding.

15)All White & Green style setup apt for an engagement or reception


This done in white and green arrangement is so contemporary and chic. The definitive edge that the chandeliers and flower vases add to the whole aura of the stage is uber unique and eye-pleasing.
Conclusion: - With that, ends our list of some of the best eye catchy wedding decoration themes for 2021. Choosing themes for your big day isn’t easy, but with the help of our professionals, we can certainly smooth it over for you! Want to find more amazing wedding themes, then make sure you subscribe to, follow our instagram channel "Amourresorts" and like, follow our facebook channel "Amourresorts" for more content like this in the future! From helping you find your best wedding decor to dream wedding resort to helping you through your big day, Amour is with you every step of the way!

Let us know your thoughts about these bewitching wedding stage decorations!

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